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Talk to Me:
How to Create Positive Loving Communication

Steven C. Martin & Catherine A. Martin
ISBN: 0-9659328-0-X
LCCN: 97-92268
5.5 by 8.5 inches, perfect bound, four color cover, 151 pages
The Positive Way®
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What 'Talk to Me' Can Do For You:

  • Discover proven, new, and easy to use methods that will give you the safety and health you want in your love relationships.

  • Get results now with the specific Talk to Me guidelines on how to communicate with your mate and reduce conflict.

  • Discover how to create a safe, loving; nurturing environment where your relationship can grow and prosper. You will learn proven ways to gain and sustain communications in a loving and positive way to enhance your romantic relationships.

  • Easy to read, the book uses metaphor, self-evaluations along with easy to follow examples to help you end the silence or stop the shouting. You can enrich your relationship with words from the heart.

  • Women like this book because it teaches them how to get their mate to talk. Men like this book because they learn how to talk about anything safely.

  • Even in good relationships we are sometimes caught in the painful gap between love and misunderstanding. The Martin’s insightful and proven techniques help couples build a better life together!

What People are Saying About Talk to Me

"I'm recommending this book to everyone I know.  My relationships were a mess until I started doing what the Martin's recommend."  A.G. Richmond, VA

"Talk to Me: How to Create Positive, Loving Communication" by Steven & Catherine Martin, provides proven techniques and skills that allow anyone to establish a strong, articulate, loving relationship with their life-partner. Readers will discover how they can get their partner to talk to them, ending the silence. They will learn how to take positive actions that bring more understanding, kindness, honesty, respect and love into their lives. They will receive practical instruction on avoiding fighting and keeping their love alive, talk about difficult subjects (even under stress), and most important of all, how to succeed in their relationships. Talk to Me is recommended for all self-help and marital counseling bookshelves. " James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, M. B. R., October, 1997

"I found Talk to Me to be easy to read and really enjoyed the evaluations and guidelines." S. H., Buffalo, NY.

"All couples need to read this book. My husband and I could really relate to Anne and Peter in the first chapter. It opened up new communication for us and has allowed us to talk about things we could never discuss before in the twenty plus years we’ve been married. Things would have been better for us if we’d read it sooner." B. K., Richmond, VA.

"This book helped in not only romantic relationships but also with everyday situations." A.B., West Seneca, NY

"I like the structure and safety of the Couples' Fair Exchange Process that the book teaches. We are communicating so much better now." David. P., Cheektowaga, NY

"I can really use the information in real life. It helped to understand the pursuit/withdrawal syndrome." Marcy F., West Seneca, NY

"It is very focused and solution oriented with specific methods to resolve issues." Vivian G., Grand Island, NY

"I wish I had this book years ago. Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten divorced after 32 years." L. A., Charleston, WV.

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