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Divorce and the aftermath

Divorce is never easy.  There is a range of emotions that come into play.  For example: anger, frustration, fear, sorrow, anguish, bitterness, hatred, depression, and regret are just a few of the emotions that come up during and after a divorce. The person being divorced starts questioning their value as a person and as a mate.  They

 start thinking and saying "If only I had done this..." or "I should have done this ..." or "I am not lovable" or "I'll never be happy" or "I'll always be alone".  Divorce can destroy self-esteem.  Depression can sneak into the mind without knowing that it is happening.  The parties involved in divorce can become full of guilt and they can begin to question their sanity.

Divorce literally can be like a death in the family and there is a mourning process that most people will experience. Some of the  feelings and emotions of mourning a loss include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and and then finally acceptance.  These stages of mourning a loss can fluctuate on a day to day basis, even on an hour to hour.  The good news is that there is life after divorce and it can be a very happy and satisfying life.  Divorce an be a leaning experience that makes you stronger and healthier emotionally.  It all depends on your attitude and how you choose to live your life after divorce.  Please read the following articles that can help you move forward in a more positive way:

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