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Listening Skills Evaluation

By Steven C. & Catherine A. Martin

Communication is the lifeblood of all relationships. But it's not just about talking, it's about listening too. You must listen to each other and if you don't, you just aren't communicating. Loving communication must have understanding, honesty, kindness, and respect. This 'Listening Skills Rating' is taken from the book 'Talk to Me: How to Create Positive, Loving Communication.' You will find many helpful tips on how to enhance your listening skills in the book as well as other ways to enhance create the loving communication that you want. If you would like the print version click here.

Consider how you behave in an important relationship and answer the following questions.

1. I avoid staying on any one subject with my speaking partner.


   Rarely if ever

   I can dodge the issues

2. I make assumptions about my speaking partners feelings or thoughts.

   I know them well so I usually can

   Not often at all


3. I respond to my speaking partner's suggestions or opinions with, yes but...


   Not very often


4. I bring up past issues during current disagreements.

   I don't do this


   In defence

5. I interrupt my speaking partner's conversation.

   When I want to make a point

   Rarely if ever


6. I use sarcasm or jokes to respond when my speaking partner talks.

   When they deserve it

   To lighten the mood

   I don't

7. I respond to a complaint with a complaint.

   In defence only

   To keep them on the defensive


8. I insult and criticize my speaking partner.

   When they deserve it

   In defence

   Rarely if ever

9. I respond to my speaking partner with phrases like...that's ridiculous.

   When they say something stupid



10. I see only my point of view.

   I'm right

   They're usually wrong

   I consider what they have to say

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