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The Love Quiz

By Steven C. Martin and Catherine A. Martin - The Positive Way

Ten questions on the path to the understanding of love. Written by relationship consultants.

1. Friendship in romantic love is:

   An overblown concept

   A fundamental element

   A waste of time

   A mistake

2. If you really love me you will _________:

   Know exactly what I want without my telling you

   Give in to me when I want something important

   Share and foster mutual respect and understanding

3. If I love another person:

   I feel one with them for who they are

   I feel one with them as I need them to be

   I feel one with them for what they do for me

4. Once we fall in love, my partner and I will:

   Stay in love

   Change and grow; supporting each other on the way; helping our love evolve

   Change and get tired of each other

5. Love is enough to glue any relationship together for life:

   True, love can overcome any problems

   False, the glue is made from sharing, connecting, communicating; working on love

6. Barriers to love include the following:

   Inadequate role models

   A confusion of sex for love

   An emphasis on the need to be loved by others rather than to love others

   All of the above

7. I can truly love someone only if this one condition is met first:

   They have a good job

   They are good looking

   I respect them

   They drive a hot car

8. How many general types of love are there?

   1 erotic love

   2 erotic love, motherly (parental) love

   4 erotic love, motherly (parental) love, brotherly love, self-love

   5 erotic love, motherly (parental) love, brotherly love, self-love, love of God

9. How many entities are there in a loving relationship?

   1 Me

   2 You and me

   3 You, me and the relationship itself - the overlap where we connect

10. Deep within us all the search for love is fundamentally driven by:


   A need for sex

   A need for financial and emotional support

   A fundamental human need to feel connected - to leave the prison of aloneness

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