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Military Relationships

Thank you to all of you who serve in the US military to bring peace and prosperity to the world.  We appreciate the sacrifices that you, your families and your loved ones make on our behalf around the world.  We understand that this service and duty can place hardships on relationships.

Please accept our thanks and relationship assistance in the form of a free electronic copy of our best-selling relationship enhancement book: "Talk to Me: How to Create Positive Loving Communications."  This retails for $12.95 but is free to everyone serving in any branch of the US military.

All you have to do to claim your free book is to complete the following form with a military email address only. 

  • We will manually confirm that it is a military address and email your book to that address

  • We will not use your address for anything else

  • You can then email your copy of the book to other members of your family at other email addresses

Free Relationship Book - "Talk to Me"

FREE "Talk to Me" Book

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