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Money Advice Line Questions with Answers

Here are just a few of the questions sent to our Love and Money Consultants and their answers.  Please click on the question to read it and the answer.

If you have submitted a question check back here in about 1-2 business days (please note that some busy times may mean a delay in response).  When you return to this page enter your private code in the search box below to see if your answer has been posted.

Search site for your private code:

My family keeps borrowing money from me.  It's a problem.

I know you don't give investment advice.  Where can I go?

I want to buy a property with a friend.  What should I do?

I bought a property with a lover and now things are rocky.  Help.

I have trouble with the IRS.  Can you advise me?

Money trouble before the big wedding.  What can I do?

My boyfriend spends more on his truck than he does on me.

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