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His and Her List for Rainy Day Romance


    Write a love letter to your partner and then read it aloud to them

  • Appreciation list and then share the lists – at least 10 items

  • Reading poetry to each other

  • Curling up with a romantic movie

  • Cooking together – each other’s favorite meal

  • Massage

  • Kiss that lasts 1 minute – set timer

  • Hug that lasts 1 minute – set timer

  • Sharing goals and vision of your future together

  • Go through cards, pictures, memorabilia of your dating relationship

His List for Rainy Day Romance

  • Foamy fun – Whipped cream massage

  • Sweet rain – Shower together

  • His and Her story – Reminisce about your first dates and how you fell in love

  • Pajama game – pajamas all day. Who can create the most romantic outfits?  The winner gets to enjoy the outfit. Repeat after each win.

  • Midday midnight party – close all the drapes, cut the lights, use candles only, put on the music, and pretend you are on a midnight date.

  • Desert delight – order in desert and enjoy each other and the sweets

  • Sweetheart campout – pitch a tent out of sheets and play campout in the living room or bedroom

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