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Can anyone accurately see things through your eyes?  No.  They have not lived your life.  They have not had your life experiences. They have not had your parents, teachers, mentors, peers, or employers.  They have not had your home environment.  

Most people do the best they can according to their own perceptions.  No one has a right to find fault in your perceptions.  Perceptions meaning: awareness, comprehension, Impression, understanding.  They have not lived your life or had your experiences.

You also have no right to find fault in theirs.  Start today by accepting yourself and those around you.   You are doing the best you can with the knowledge you have accumulated up to this point in your life and so is everyone else you come in contact with.  Accept and stop judging yourself or others.  As you know better you will do better.  As those around you know better they will do better.

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