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What's Your Romance Temperature?

By Steven C. Martin & Catherine A. Martin, The Positive Way (c) 2006

A fun and insightful ten-question quiz to help you put some more spice into your romantic relationships. Written by Relationship Consultants.

Are you HOT, WARM, or COOL?

1. Your most powerful sex organ is

   In your pants

   In your closet

   In your head

2. The best way to find out what turns your partner on is to

   Ask the neighbours

   Ask them

   Try stuff until they run away

3. The most romantic room in the house is

   The garage

   The bedroom

   The one you are in together

4. The three things that you must have at once for really hot romance are

   One hot body, one candle, and lube

   Two hot bodies, two candles, and lube

   Mutual respect, great communication, and acceptance

5. Talking positively about your relationship with your partner on a regular basis will

   Get boring

   Deepen your love and understanding - more romance

   Start a fight

6. The best time for romance is

   When I'm ready

   When they're ready

   Anytime one starts and the other follows

7. Is everyday of a relationship going to be as hot as the first days?

   No, and that's a bad thing

   No, and that's okay because relationships grow and evolve

   Yes, and the tooth fairy is coming to visit tonight

8. The hottest thing to do when your partner is too tired for sex is to


   Say no the next time they're ready

   Offer a shoulder rub to help them relax

9. The best speed for initiating romance is

   As fast as you can go

   As slow as you can go

   The pace you both enjoy

10. The absolutely perfect magic formula for rekindling romance is

   Lingerie, toys, and whipped cream

   The one you and your partner actually work at together

   Arguing, not talking, spending no time together

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