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Defined as:  Controlling of oneself, one's desires, actions, habits, etc.

An honest look at Self-discipline:

Most of us are not high on the self-discipline scale.

Practice and more practice can improve our level of self-discipline.

Self-discipline allows us to follow through when we make a conscious decision to do something.

Baby steps help improve self-discipline.  Little successes help create bigger successes.

Low self-esteem and lack of self discipline go hand in hand.

Excuses get in the way of developing a higher level of self-discipline.  

Recommended reading:  The Now Habit by Neil Fiore


Improve your self-esteem and the self-discipline improves.  Improve your self-discipline and the self esteem improves.  Read all of our articles on self-esteem and use the tools we suggest to improve your self-esteem and reap the rewards of improved self-discipline and self-esteem. Read our article What you think and speak. - will come back to you.  Your thoughts and words are like boomerangs - they will return.  Learn how to improve your life by changing your thoughts and words.

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