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Online Dating

There are many good online dating sites.

The Positive Way ran (SPIN) a highly successful singles organization for several years with many friends made and quite a few marriages as well.  We know there is no substitute for face to face meeting but some of these singles sites can help that come about.  Many of the sites with links in the table below are offering specials - check them out. 

The top internet dating sites.

Top Online Matchmaking Sites

These dating sites vary greatly in their cost from free to not so free.  They also look and feel different.  Some use complex computer programs to help you find your match but most are just doing a search of their data base following your direction: blond, 120 pounds or less, non-smoker, under 28….well, you know the drill.  Some sites are more likely to have relatively honest participants but others unfortunately have been found to be less than honorable in their intentions.  You are better off to stick with the big names or sites that your friends with similar interests can refer you to. - The Better, Smarter Way

Serious about dating?


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