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Cheating Husband
The Other Woman

Unfaithful - Affairs - Cheating on Your Spouse - Infidelity

Are you the unfaithful one?  Or is your spouse cheating on you?  Can your relationship survive an affair?  Can the relationship survive infidelity?

Some relationships do survive an affair and many don't.  The problem is always a matter of trust after the affair has been known to the person that was cheated on.  How can you trust your partner again after they have lied, cheated, and deceived you by having an affair?  If you want to try to save your relationship after an affair has taken place, then we have a couple of good books we recommend on the subject and they are listed below.

This is always about personal choice.  Don't let others decide for you.  If you want to stay in the relationship after an affair has taken place then delve deep into the reasons that allowed for the affair to happen in the first place.

Don't live in denial.  Face the truth about  this and other issues that may have led to the affair  and  then find solutions to forgiving and then moving  forward.  Anything is possible if both parties are  committed to working through this problem and  committed to saving the relationship.  Both  people must be willing to do the work that is required  to  repair the damage that an affair causes and then  both parties need to rebuild trust and learn how to  move beyond the affair.

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